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Encontré esta foto y me gusto mucho!
Y la protagonista, la explica asi:

This picture is inspired by this photo.The female breast is quite functional and more often than not in the United States, is recognized and appreciated for the function on your left (my right).Breastfeeding (especially the breastfeeding of a two year old) is often seen as gross, dirty, unnecessary, and something that gets in the way of the aforementioned man-centered function. Those things couldn’t be further from the truth. It boggles my mind to think about the double standards in our society regarding female breasts: Big, bouncy, and out of control for a man’s (or female’s) pleasure? Quite all right. More than all right, in fact. Breasts can sell everything from cars to hamburgers. Milk producing and attached to an infant and a (shock, gasp) toddler? Put those pillowcases away you crazy hippie.The idea that breasts for sexual pleasure and breasts for breastfeeding are mutually exclusive is totally and completely wrong. Breasts are for both.Even more than that, MY breasts are for ME.


2 Responses to “Triality”

  1. 1 Rosario agosto 26, 2007 en 6:05 pm

    jajjaa, se ve que a mi sola me gusto la foto!

  2. 2 tolenti agosto 28, 2007 en 3:03 pm

    jaaaaaaaaaaaaa! cuando entre para leer el comentario justo estaba pensando: que poca convocatoria tuvo esta entrada!! A mi la foto me impresiono un poco. Despues al leer la explicacion, claro… Pero ver juntas las dos acciones… me impresiona.


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